Firmware (C++)

The FabScanPi Firmware is the software which is running on the FabScanPi HAT (or Arduino used by other setups).

Obtaining the code

Checkout the FabScanPi OS image build script sources from Git. The default branch is the master branch.

git clone

Build with Arduino IDE


Build with Arduino CLI

Install Docker

You will need to install and run docker on your development machine. Just download and install it from

Then you need to install docker-compose.

Run Build Process

Afterwards you can run the build process within a docker container, the docker container includes all the tools needed for building the firmware, even all needed Arduino libraries are pre-installed.


The script builds firmware (hex) files for all supported platforms (FabScanPi-HAT, Ciclop ZUM, Sanguinololu etc.). Those hex files are named by the platform and build date.


The files are located in the folder build.

Supported G-Codes

G01 [T(steps)] - Move the Turntable for number of steps

M4 [R(value) G(value) B(value)] - Turn on LED Ring for given RGB-Vlaues

M17 - Enable Motors

M18 - Disable Motors

M19 - Turn On Laser 0

M20 - Turn Off Laser 0

M21 - Turn On Laser 1

M22 - Turn Off Laser 1

M100 - Show Help Message